person using smartphone and MacBook
person using smartphone and MacBook

Navigating the IT Landscape in Asia through Innovation and Leadership

Empowering businesses with unique insights and transformative solutions, and pioneering the path towards a digitally advanced future.

Partner with our CIO office

Experienced Ex-CIO

Experienced Ex-CIO Professionals: Our team comprises seasoned ex-CIOs from Fortune 500 and Chinese state-owned companies, bringing extensive industry knowledge to drive your IT initiatives.

We know what it needs

Strategic IT Management: We specialize in aligning technology with business objectives, leveraging our expertise to develop comprehensive IT strategies and optimize processes.

We know the next step

Deep Understanding of IT Challenges: With diverse industry experience, we offer tailored solutions to address the unique challenges faced by IT departments.

woman in black top using Surface laptop
woman in black top using Surface laptop
Coaching and Leadership Development

IT Coaching and Leadership Development: Benefit from personalized coaching programs led by our ex-CIOs, enhancing your IT leadership skills and accelerating career growth.


Proven Success in IT Transformations: Our track record includes delivering measurable results, driving digital innovation, and enabling sustainable growth through successful IT transformations.

About Us

Partner with our CIO office, led by experienced ex-CIO professionals from Fortune 500 and China state-owned companies. Benefit from our strategic IT management, personalized coaching, deep understanding of IT challenges, and a proven track record in successful IT transformations. Together, we'll empower your organization to thrive in the evolving IT landscape.

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At our CIO office, we understand that words and web pages can only convey so much. The true value of our services lies in the power of conversation and collaboration. No matter how beautifully designed our website may be, it is through direct interaction that we can fully showcase the expertise and benefits we bring to your organization.